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As a small company, DRP is easy to work with and can provide direct communication with our core management team, providing a quick reponsiveness to your needs in a way that larger firms cannot provide. Our success is based on solid, lasting relationships with our clients, teams, and employees.

133-inch vault model.JPG

CAD/CAE Production Services

  • 2D and 3D drafting & detailed design for civil, mechanical, and structural 

  • 2D drafting support for electrical and I&C

  • 3D existing and proposed digital surface terrain modeling

  • 3D mechanical & structural modeling and simulation 

  • Automated workflow designs 

  • As-built documentation

  • Contract plans, engineering figures, and technical presentation material 

  • GIS systems 

  • Feature-based modeling for BIM integration 

  • File format converting 

  • Material take-offs and quantity calculations

  • Plotting full-size plans on bond, mylar, or vellum

  • Scanning full-size plans to electronic file formats

  • Standard details development


General Civil Engineering Infrastructure Services

  • Access roads 

  • Berms and detention/retarding basins 

  • Channel and drainage ditches

  • Cost estimates 

  • Earthwork volume calculations

  • Green infrastructure design applications 

  • Facility layouts

  • Hydraulics/Hydrology calculations and modeling 

  • Problem solving consultation

  • Site works including mass and finish grading 

  • Storm drain and detention systems 

  • Utility research


Water Systems Engineering Services

  • Construction management services 

  • Conveyance systems

  • Distribution systems 

  • Master planning 

  • Mechanical piping layout 

  • Pilot testing 

  • Recycled water systems 

  • Reservoirs and storage tanks 

  • Seawater desalination 

  • Wastewater systems 

  • Water Treatment

  • Well drilling, rehabilitation, equipping design, and treatment 

Storm Water Engineering Services 2.jpg

Stormwater Engineering Services

  • Asset Management

  • Conveyance Design

  • Drainage System Design

  • Green Street Design

  • Hydraulic Modeling

  • Infrastructure Design

  • Integrated Planning

  • Master Planning 

  • Permitting Assistance 

  • System Performance Evaluation 

  • Treatment and Reuse

  • Water Quality Enhancement

  • Watershed Modeling


Sewerage Engineering Services

  • Booster pump stations 

  • Construction management services

  • Lift stations design and rehabilitation

  • Manhole and structure design

  • Master planning 

  • Mechanical piping layout 

  • Rehabilitation

  • Sewer main design 

MWD Chlorine Containment & handling Faci

Field Data Scanning & Modeling Services

  • 3D model walk-throughs 

  • Existing site conditions (ground level or aerial drone) scanning

  • Field data collection utilizing survey grade equipment 

  • Point clouds with or without high resolution images 

  • Post construction site conditions (ground level or aerial drone) scanning

  • Renderings


Permitting Services

  • Coordination 

  • Processing 

  • Supportive design document development


Staffing Services

  • Client/project site augmentation 

  • Field monitoring staff 

  • Strategic technical team building 

  • Project partner training and development 

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