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Liberty Utilities – Tract 4287 Zuni and Sago Roads Main Replacement Project

Designed a water main replacement project within Liberty Utilities’ service area in the town of Apple Valley.  These steel water mains have experienced increased leakage and have reached the end of their useful lives. To ensure future reliable water service to the local customers, DRP served Liberty Utilities in two separate stand-alone design phases: 

Phase I consists of 850 ft of 12-inch DIP, 1700 ft of 8-inch PVC pipe, 180 ft of 6-inch PVC pipe, 7 valves, 5-fire hydrants, and 13 copper services; 

Phase 2 consists of 3170 ft of 8-inch PVC pipe, 400 ft of 6-inch PVC pipe, 8 valves, 5 fire hydrants, and 19 copper services. 

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